Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station


1 Rock Engineering Sh. P. K. S. Murthy, Scientist 'D', Dr. Bharti Chawre, Scientist 'C' 2 daysCSMRS19-21 February, 2020
2 Quality Control and Diagnostic Investigation for Concrete Hydraulic Structures Sh. Ravi Agarwal, Scientist 'C', Sh. Nisheeth Agnihotri, Scientist 'B'2 DaysCSMRS30-31 January 2020
3 Investigation, Construction Methodology and Quality Control Aspect for Earth and Rock fill Dam Sh. Sandeep Dhanote, Scientist 'C', Sh. Sanjeev Bajaj, Scientist 'C'2 DaysCSMRS28-29 November 2019
4 Geotechnical Investigation for River Valley Projects Dr. Manish Gupta, Scientist 'E'2 DaysCSMRS12-13 December 2019
5 Geotechnical Instrumentation and Numerical Modeling for Hydroelectric Projects Sh. R.S. Sehra, Scientist 'C'2 DaysCSMRS26-27 September 2019
6 Concrete Construction Materials for River Valley Projects and its Importance Sh. B. K. Munzani Scientist 'D', Sh. M. Raja Scientist 'C'2 DaysCSMRS22-23 August 2019