Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station

Concrete Technology


Main activities of the concrete technology group are:

  • Field and laboratory investigations of construction materials for major river valley projects in India and abroad. It has full fledged field and laboratory facilities for conducting standardized (BIS, ASTM etc.,) and specialized testing and analysis of concrete, masonry, cement, steel and other construction materials for evaluating the material properties, their failure and performance problems.
  • Special testing facilities, housed in concrete laboratory, are utilized for studying the thermal properties of mass concrete, Abrasion Erosion Resistance.
  • Mix design of mass concrete as well as high performance concrete mixes.
  • Construction quality control of concrete in the field for major hydraulic structures.
  • Dissemination of expertise to in-service engineers of various State Government Departments by establishing regional testing laboratories and impart training in testing of concrete.
  • Disseminating knowledge on Roller Compacted Concrete for the construction of dams in the country.
  • In addition to the above, this group has the State of the Art equipment facilities for carrying out studies on ‘Behaviour of Concrete under Multiaxial State of Stresses’ and long term behaviour of concrete under Creep.
  • Quality Control

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