Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station

Rock Mechanics-Field


Rock Mechanics (I) group comprises of Rock Mechanics Field division, and Engineering Geophysics division. Main activities are:

  • In-situ stress, rock deformability, shear stranth parameter etc.
  • Geophysical investigations/Sub surface exploration.
  • A Remote operated under water Vehicle (ROV) to detect the cracks, voids etc on the surface of concrete/masonary dam under water.
  • Numerical Modelling.
  • Dissemination of expertise to in-service engineers of various State Government Departments by establishing regional testing laboratories and impart training in in-situ testing of rock.
  • Impart training to engineers from within the country and from overseas for investigation and testing in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Store division

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