Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station


·  To undertake Field and laboratory investigations of soil, rockfill, and rock for water resource projects and other important civil engineering structures.

·  To undertake construction materials survey, to investigate concrete and its constituents, to evolve mix design of mortars, concrete, shotcrete etc. for use in projects to realize economical utilization of locally available materials.

·  To carry out investigations for assessment of Geosynthetics materials.

· To carry out diagnostic works and instrumentation to monitor the behaviour and evaluate safety of existing hydraulic structures.

· To undertake comprehensive evaluation including chemical analysis of all construction materials.

· To carry out Numerical analysis (Slope Stability Analysis, Dam – Foundation interaction analysis etc.).

·  To undertake Quality control and Quality Assurance works of river valley projects.


Last Updated Date: Jan 3 2023 11:15AM