Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station

Concrete Diagnostics and Chemistry

Shri U. S. Vidyarthi

Scientist 'E'

The Concrete Diagnostics and Chemistry group comprises of Concrete Diagnostics division, Concrete Chemistry division, Concrete Special Studies division and Calibration division. The main activities are: 

  • Field investigation facilities include deployment of following non-destructive testing equipment in assessing the in-situ quality of the structure (concrete and masonry)

§   Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity method using PUNDIT

§   Cut And Pull Out test(CAPO)

§   Corrosion Monitoring System

§   Rebound hammer test

  • Laboratory investigation of concrete cores for

§   Compressive strength

§   Modulus of elasticity

§   Split tensile strength

§   Permeability by DIN method and Rapid Chloride Penetration Method

  • Diagnostic investigation/Health Monitoring

  • Material for repair and rehabilitation

  • Petrography studies

  • Chemical investigations on construction materials such as soil, cement, water, fly ash, micro silica etc.

  • Durability of concrete

  • Chemistry and Mineralogy

  • Alkali Aggregate reaction studies

  • TMT/Structural steel testing

  • New material - Polymer, Grout, Epoxy etc.

  • Testing facilities for SC/SFRC/ HPC/HSC/CFRD

  • In-house calibration of following IMTEs of laboratory equipment

§   Dial Gauges

§   Pressure Gauges 

  • ISO certification of CSMRS


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