Government Of India,Ministry Of Water Resources Central Soil And Materials Research Station

Rockfill Soil Dynamics

                                                                                   Dr. N. P. Honkanadavar, Scientist 'E' 


Rockfill, Soil Dynamics group comprises of Rockfill Technology division and Soil Dynamics division and the main activities are: 

  • Strength and deformability characteristics of rockfill materials.
  •  Quality control and quality assurance work during construction of rockfill dams.
  • Characterization of soil under dynamic loading conditions including evaluation of dynamic properties, cyclic strength and liquefaction potential.
  • Dissemination of expertise to in-service engineers of various State and Central Government Departments, Public and Private sectors, Faculty and students of engineering colleges etc.  by establishing regional testing laboratories and imparting training.

Large Size Triaxial Shear Testing Equipment



 Grain Size Distribution Test at Site for Prototype Rockfill Material

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